Thankyou to the creators of this series, Prashant Nair, Kevin Luperchio and their team for bringing this truthful and heart-wrenching story of Neelam, her husband Shekhar and the other family members of the victims of the Uphaar tragedy, to the screen with dignity and the sensitivity it deserves.

Neelam Krishnamoorty is a force to reckon with. Her perseverance, her strength, her determination, her grief, pain and patience. Her truth is, “We din’t spend as much time with our children on this Earth as we have seeking justice for their murders. We are serving a living death sentence; it has been 26 years and it is still on.”

Rajshri Deshpande gives a stark performance and Abhay Deol gives her stoic support. The extremely talented cast have played out their roles brilliantly.

The series begins with a disclaimer that states it’s a work of fiction, inspired by the 2016 book Trial by Fire The Tragic Tale of the Uphar Fire Tragedy. It’s a heart touching drama about loss of human life and the devastation it can cause. A happy family has their life turned upside down when their children die in a fire at the Uphaar cinema. The parents try to seek justice but it’s like blowing your trumpet before someone who is deaf.

This series is a sincere attempt at storytelling that moves everyone with a gripping subject and mature performances.

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