Divyanka Tripathi made her television debut in a Doordarshan telefilm and then anchored a program called Akash Vani, but it was Ekta Kapoor’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein with Karan Patel that propelled her into the public eye.

Following the spread of a rumor regarding TV star Divyanka Tripathi’s demise in a car accident a few years back, fans of the actor erupted into a frenzy. The actress, however, quickly addressed the rumors and recalled getting alarmed calls from her relatives.

The wrong things caused Divyanka Tripathi to go viral in 2017. During that time, there was a rumor that the actress had died in a car accident that circulated on Twitter. The actress herself resorted to the microblogging website and spoke the same shortly as the situation deteriorated. Even how she received frightened calls from her loved ones was revealed by the actress in an interview.

Someone is creating rumors about me being in #RIPmode, tweeted Divyanka Tripathi. I’m very much alive, guys. Please don’t bother my family and friends with these rumors.

Her supporters were ecstatic when she announced good news concerning her health. Later, Divyanka was cited as stating, “People are believing these ridiculous rumors and phoning my family to tell that I was in an accident and have now passed away. My family members are calling me in a panic. I had to come out in order for people to stop believing such things.

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