BTS and military enlistment have long been hotly debated issues. The lads said that they are taking a break from group activities and will carry on with solo pursuits for some time. Many believed that the approaching military recruitment was the reason for this. The comments made by South Korea’s defence minister Lee Jong-sup right now are pretty intriguing. The lads can play in international concerts while they are enlisted, according to him. The minister said this on Monday during a discussion over whether the mandatory three-week military duty for K-Pop celebrities might be decreased. The duration is over two years as of today. Every able-bodied male in South Korea between the ages of 18 and 28 is required to enlist in the South Korean army.

The oldest member of BTS, Kim Seokjin, often known as Jin, will turn 30 in December. By January 2023, he must join the military. The guys will play in the international concert in Busan, which is a marketing effort for the World Expo in 2030, before that. A modification that took effect in 2019 allows popstars to delay military duty until they are 30 years old. As is well known, all citizens are required to serve in the military since North Korea, one of the world’s top five nuclear powers poses a threat to the nation. Only a select handful have been given exemptions or the option to do a shorter duty.

The Parliament is considering whether a plan to reduce K-Pop artists’ mandatory military service may be approved. BTS is the greatest revenue producer in the music business and contributes billions to the economy annually. Due to low birth rates, South Korea’s human resource pool is shrinking. This is a result of a multitude of factors, including the expense of living and people’s reluctance to have children.

Big Hit Music has not yet responded to the Minister’s comments. In the Korean media, he was cited as stating, “If there are scheduled performances abroad, there would be a method to provide them the opportunity to practice and play together even if they enlist in the military. The fact that so many people appreciate (artists serving in the military) could help increase their appeal even more.” An official stated in April 2021 that the Bangtan Boys had experienced mental stress due to the uncertainty surrounding their military recruitment. They are now working alone. We attended J-solo Hope’s album release and his wildly popular Lollapalooza concert in Chicago.

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