Star Plus is getting ready to release its original new show, “Udti Ka Naam Rajjo,” which tells the heartbreaking tale of a young mountain girl and the guy who would alter her life. Rajjo is on a mission to learn more about her mysterious past. The wonderful actor Ravi Jhankal, who is well recognized for his work, will play a crucial part.

Veteran actor Ravi Jhankal received his education at the National School of Drama in Delhi. More than 5000 television programs and almost 80 movies bear his name. With “Udti Ka Naam Rajjo,” he is making a long-overdue return to television.

Veteran actor Ravi Jhankal expressed his happiness at becoming a part of “Udti Ka Naam Rajjo,” which has the original notion of realizing a young athlete’s goal. My character will be adored and revered by everyone, especially “Rajjo.” I have a lot in common with my character “Keshav,” and thus it is interesting to play him. An opportunity like this fosters a deep conviction in your character, and I have that belief. You’ll get to witness each character’s numerous facets reveal themselves as the show progresses. This is what drew me into the plot.

I enjoy watching television because I can learn something new every day. I’m looking forward to reprising my role on television in “Udti Ka Naam Rajjo” on Star Plus.

The program “Udti Ka Naam Rajjo,” written by Mukta Dhond and produced by Bits and Bots Media, tells the tale of a young, athletically brilliant girl who is naturally gifted and who sets out to learn more about her history. She is saved from the verge of death by a hesitant “Hero,” who also helps her start over. How will Rajjo grow to love and appreciate the guy played by Ravi Jhankal as “Keshav”?

Keep checking back for more information on “Udti Ka Naam Rajjo,” which will premiere on Star Plus on August 22 at 7 PM.

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