Every day, a large number of videos go viral in the online world. These films may be really funny at times or teach you valuable lessons. The same time, there are those videos that keep people up at night. One such unexpected video is already spreading like wildfire on social media. Lightning is seen striking a man in the footage. Anyone who sees this sight will have a loss of senses.

The story of Florida City, America, is featured in the trending video. The information stated that a truck driver was driving his automobile on the highway at the time. His wife was driving her car behind him at the time. After some time, the climate there abruptly altered. Light rain and a powerful storm began. The man’s wife was contemplating taking a photo of the lovely landscape outdoors at the time. The woman started recording videos for this on her phone.

Outside, there was a gorgeous vista. The couple was travelling peacefully along the freeway. Then suddenly, lightning began to rain violently from the sky. The lightning struck in such a horrifying way that it grabbed hold of the woman’s husband’s pickup. The woman’s feet slid as a result of seeing this.

Amazingly, despite having such a serious accident, the guy escaped without even a scratch. The US government agency HCSO uploaded the trending video on social media, where it has now been seen more than 35,000 times. Despite the fact that some people were shocked to view the video, many others wished the woman’s husband well.

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