This documentary gives us a great insight into the life story of Anna Nicole Smith. “Anna Nicole Smith: You don’t know me”, a Netflix production, directed by Ursula Macfarlane, delves deep into the life of this popular model and her highs and lows.

Smith, born in the small, god-fearing town of Texas, was actually called Vicky Lynn Hogan. Her mom says, “She was beautiful”, and that one can see in this documentary. A young, pretty blonde, she wanted to make money. She dropped out of high school to get a job at a fried chicken restaurant and at 17, got married, thinking this will be her ticket to freedom. But alas! The guy kept her locked inside. She gave birth to her son Daniel, and then took off with him when he just 6 months old, in search of fame and fortune.

Started working at a strip club and that’s where she met Missy, and she took her under her wing. There she met the billionaire oil tycoon Marshall who was 86-years old. A strong bond developed and he bought her a house and this got stability in her life. She went on to marry him and secure Daniel’s future.

The documentary takes us through her modelling days with Guess jeans, Playboy and other roles. It shows her slipping into drugs and the aftermath of drugs. She became depressed and losing her son Daniel, when he was only 20, shattered her.

Watching this made me realize how true the statement, grass is always greener on the other side of the fence is. The lives of celebrities look so glamorous on the surface, yet its so hollow and lonely.

Watch this one on Netflix.

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