Weddings are an essential part of our society and for parents, marrying off their sons and daughters is a major priority, and the “focus” is so high on this, that it sometimes makes the children “fake relationships” to their parents.

Pallavi Sharda, the Australian actor and dancer in the Netflix rom-com, is a New Jersey raised attorney being forced into attending weddings to find the perfect guy. To get her parents off her back, she convinces one of her set ups (Suraj Sharma), to pretend they are dating during a summer wedding season.

The movie is a cute, romantic and is a feel-good story. The lead actors feel like a real couple and their on-screen chemistry is perfect.

The cinematography by Meena Singh is perfect and Tom Dey managed to bring every possible Indian element to the movie. Every part of the movie is relatable.

Wedding season is a happy movie, predictable, heart breaks, make up, following one’s profession and dreams. Though the first date is a disaster, Asha and Ravi figure out that the best way to get their parents off is to pretend they are dating. Through many colorful weddings and dances, the duo realize they actually do like each other and inspite of all the hiccups, they want to be a ‘real couple and live happily ever after.’

If you are a fan of mushy holiday fairytales, then this oe is for you but if you like action-just stay away from this one. The movie proves love conquers it all and everything fades away in the face of true love.

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