Masaba Masaba is a popular show that aired in 2020 on Netflix. It is a fictional account of the lives of designer Masaba Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta, their highs and lows and their relationship.

Those waiting for Season 3 are in for a huge disappointment. In an interview, Neena was quoted saying, “I want to tell Netflix that it isn’t fair that they didn’t sanction us the third season of Masaba Masaba. So many people ask me when the next season of the show will be out. I don’t know why they ask me.”

Further on, “We were really looking forward to the third season. I don’t understand and know what Netflix’s strategy is and what kind of shows they actually want to make. I think they should make season 3.”

When the OTT platform was questioned, they dismissed the allegation as false and stated that the plot finished at the end of season 2, the 3rd season was never planned.

The series was a fun watch. The first season was on the fact that it’s okay to be a mess sometimes and the second one, emphasized that women must not have to compromise between love, career and a family. The series was a good blend of emotions, fashion and drama.

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