It’s actually wonderful to see how some people get along so well with others, are extremely popular, sought after and are a pro at most tasks.

Today, I’m going to bring to your attention to certain phrases one must avoid using in public. They have a negative impact on the listener and hence people tend to avoid you.

  1. I TOLD YOU SO- We all know when we have made a mistake and are guilty of the same. Being told repeatedly, “I told you so”, doesn’t help the listener, makes people get defensive and embarrassed. A socially intelligent person would say, “Looks like you’ve learnt something new today for the next time.”
  2. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS- Time is precious, we are all busy and there’s a lot on each of our plate. But if someone has reached out to you, please value them and one can politely say, “I am swamped with things right now, but please let me get back to you on this one.”
  3. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE- Expressing disbelief in another person’s vision or point of view, is very discouraging and stifles further conversation. Nothing actually is impossible, the most beautiful rainbows come out after the darkest rainfall.
  4. YOU SHOULD/COULD HAVE- everyone falters, we all make mistakes, overlook things but let’s focus from the mistakes to solutions.

These words scream exclusion, makes people feel unwanted and undervalued. Don’t close the door on anyone, you’re hurting their feelings.

Feelings are everything, you make a person feel special, he/ she will go out of their way to help you. If you’re unkind or rude, people won’t approach you. Try a little love and compassion!

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