According to actress Madhuri Dixit, Maja Ma’s plot is interesting yet not preachy. According to Madhuri, OTT is altering women’s roles, and the greatest thing is that youth is not required. She discusses how OTT has altered the course of the entertainment business as a whole. The former leading woman of Bollywood had a spectacular journey in the entertainment industry. She claims that the independence you have by ignoring the business part of it is quite empowering. Distinct characters with various ages have different scripts being created for them. Every day that Madhuri spent working for Maja Ma was a maja (fun) day for her.

How much fun did you have while filming Maja Ma, as Majama means “fun”?
Lots of pleasure thanks to Gajraj Rao and these promising young talents. really gifted young performers. It was like a riot with all of us on the sets. In a way, our group resembled a family. For us, every day was a Maja Ma day. It was incredibly vital for us to appear like a family on TV since we were working as a unit.

What additional flavor do you offer to the part of Pallavi because you’re playing a married lady with children?

I portray the ideal mother and wife—someone that the entire community admires. She plays a significant role in the neighborhood where we reside. However, Pallavi being Pallavi, she is unavoidably quite different, as viewers of the movie will discover. She has a character with a lot of depth. You may see more of her when you remove the layers.

You returned with OTT, but how is the organizational structure different there?

The screen changes, but our craft remains the same. Whether it be a laptop, a smartphone, or a 70mm movie screen. Whether I’m acting in OTT, on the big screen, or on television, what we do as performers is the same. From the perspective of the audience, the experience changes but not the craft. Whether we’re in a movie or a television show, our acting technique stays the same.

We’re going to treat the parts similarly since Maja Ma is a movie while Fame Games is a television series.

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