One of the greatest athletes to ever compete for the Indian Cricket Team was Mithali Raj. Over the course of her 23-year-long cricket career, she has added several honours to her name. However, few people are aware of her tale. Shabaash Mithu, a biography on her, is shortly to be released, so that won’t be the case for very long.

She will be portrayed by the incredibly brilliant Taapsee Pannu in the film. The film is hailed as a treasure in the field of sports biopics. In relation to that, please feel free to read our comprehensive guide of the top sports biopics.

So, let’s concentrate on the movie’s release date. Find out whether and when the movie will be available on any OTT platforms as well.

The movie’s release was postponed until mid-2022 because to the COVID-19 epidemic. On that point, the film is scheduled to have its theatrical premiere on July 15, 2022. You only need to get to your local cinemas and make reservations to see it.

But we know you would be wondering if the film will be available on any OTT services. After all, it has become the standard for the majority of Bollywood films since COVID-19’s success.

A movie typically needs 30 to 45 days to appear on any OTT platform. According to how well the movie does in cinemas. The release date for the Mithali Raj biopic on streaming services, however, is unknown.

In reality, no streaming provider has even acquired its digital rights as of yet. But given that Viacom18 Studios oversaw the film’s production, we may anticipate its release on Voot Select. A few reports claim that when its theatrical run concludes, the movie may also be made available on Netflix.

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