Women at war is a wonderful series that gives an insight into the hardships and lives of those who stayed back while their husband’s participated in the war and the sacrifices they made.

There is a nun, a nursing assistant running from the police, a prostitute following her son and a brave woman who takes up her husband’s plant after he is forced to go to the war. These four women are the axis of the series and the drama unfolding in their lives in the times of war.

These women show extraordinary strength and courage in this series. They start making trucks that are used as ambulances to transport wounded soldiers. The nun converts the convent to a hospital where the wounded are treated. Each character has a fascinating role, there are several trial and tribulations they must undergo yet in the face of difficulty, they stand astute in their resolve to serve in the war time.

Available on Netflix, these eight series French limited series is a wonderful period drama. Never have I seen the role of women so beautifully depicted. Each one supports the other and their lives are inter-woven. This is a complete package of drama, deceit, thrill, romance and loss in the time of battle.

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