There are many fascinating videos on the internet. We are able to find some intriguing stuff on social networking sites other than YouTube. And if there is one genre that viewers throughout the world like watching, it has to be videos about food. It may be ASMR cutting films, grocery store footage, or even culinary demonstration videos. We can become engrossed in these things for hours. The best thing is that we also like to watch these actions, which is why certain videos are so popular. One such video of a little girl preparing eggs and bacon recently went popular online. Your admiration for her cooking talents will be unwavering.

An Instagram user named @kompinikmat posted a video of a small girl standing in front of a gas stove. She is seated with a platter of eggs, bacon, and other foods. She then correctly cooks an egg after cracking it into a pan. After everything is finished, she prepares a slice of bacon as well.

Since it was posted, this child’s video has received 249K likes, 13.8 million views, and several comments. She had many people in awe of her abilities. One individual said, “She is acting with such gentleness. This is incredible.” Another person said, “Cook it for me, chef, that looks nice!” Added by another user, “Wow! She is a better chef than the majority of grownups.” Another person wrote, “How adorable and gifted! God be with her.”

Her security was a concern for other individuals as well. Little ones shouldn’t be permitted near the fire, they said, since it may be hazardous to them. Added by another user, “I really hope an adult is monitoring her and assisting her. God’s grace.”

Several more people have also left comments while using various emojis! Most of them were astounded by her culinary abilities.

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