With over 4 million views, a video of a little child selling coffee on the streets of Iraq has gone popular online. His grin will undoubtedly brighten your day.

Do you have the Monday blahs? We do, however, have a film that will undoubtedly heal them. Additionally, you’ll smile as a result of it. As a result, a video online of a little child serving coffee in Iraq has gone viral. Your day will be made by the young boy’s grin and coffee service.

Doug Barnard posted the now-famous video to Instagram. American travel blogger Doug is now in Iraq. He posted a little video of a young child serving coffee in Basra, Iraq. He even declined to accept payment for the coffee while doing so with a smile. Doug persuaded him to accept the cash, nevertheless.

After being posted online, the video received more than 4 million views. The adorable young child captured the hearts of internet users, who lavished him with praise in the comments area.

One user said, “The kind young guy was saying: it’s one me, he didn’t want to take the money at first.”

This actually brought tears to my eyes because of his contagious smile, said another user.

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