Vinayak would inform Patralekha of Sai in the next Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin tale.

In the episodes of GHKKPM thus far, Vinayak has been to Katkauli to see Sai for treatment but is abducted from there when Virat learns Sai is still alive. Virat is informed by Patralekha that Vinayak never goes to sleep silently.

The forthcoming episode of the well-liked Star Plus series Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, abbreviated GHKKPM, will have tremendous drama and intriguing plot twists. Vinayak is treated in Sai’s home, and later Gulabrao meets Virat, at which point I’ll talk about Sai.

Gulabrao receives a smack from Virat for killing Sai’s persona. Sai arrives to stop him as they battle. Virat is stopped by Sai, demonstrating that he is still utterly in love with her and that he is unable to hear anything negative about her. Later, when Virat asks Sai how she discovered Savi and who her father is, Sai drives him to his residence.

The Chavan family is getting ready to welcome Harinee, the daughter of Pulkit and Devi. Teenager Harinee despises other people’s intrusions into her life. She acknowledges smoking and taunts Pakhi when she is asked to stop. Harinee turned out to be a pampered child, and Bhavani informs Pulkit of this.

What potential for further drama exists? What further surprises will Harinee offer?

What will occur next? Will Vinayak inform Patralekha about the events at Kathkauli and let her know that Sai is real?

Let’s keep watching the GHKKPM narrative episodes to see how Vinayak’s naive account of the day informs Patralekha of Sai’s presence.

Stay tuned for more updates on GHKKPM.


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