This video of an elderly couple crossing the road together best captures love in all its vividness. A lifetime of togetherness is undoubtedly something that everyone longs for, even though the concept of love and everlasting love may have changed greatly through the years.

This video of an elderly couple strolling alongside one another through a downpour has the internet in uproar. Photographer and digital content maker Asif Khan recorded the footage and posted it to Instagram. 26 million people have seen the touching video. What else could this be if not a couple’s goals?

An elderly couple crossing the street together on a wet day is seen in the now-viral video. The elderly man is seen walking behind his wife, who is clutching a bag, while he holds an umbrella for himself.

The tagline for the film asks, “Isn’t that enthralling to have the concept of eternal love in a world where nothing lasts.

Each and every person has enjoyed the touching video. There are several heart-shaped and love-struck emoticons in the comments area.

Isn’t it simply stunning? How do you feel?

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