BTS and its members are without a doubt the most discussed and searched-for individuals. The septet has accumulated a ton of love and adoration from its fans over the last few years, both collectively and individually. The popularity of BTS has increased along with the size of its army. Even though the BTS army is one around the world, there is some friendly competition among the followers over who has the most BTS fans.

Numerous surveys have been conducted by various blogs and media outlets to determine which member of the septet is the most well-liked. Although there have been a variety of outcomes, Jung Kook and V are often neck and neck.

According to data from a Tech Giant study, V is the most well-liked singer in the K-pop group, followed by Jim Kook. The most popular BTS member is V, commonly known as Kim Taehyung. Additionally, V’s solo releases have assisted him in attracting the BTS army’s attention as well as developing a distinct fan following. His OST sales for well-liked programs sets records. V’s soundtrack for fellow Wooga Squad member and well-known actor Park Seo Joon’s acclaimed series “Itaewon Class,” “Sweet Night,” has amassed the most streams of any Korean soundtrack in history.

Jung Kook is a name that is well-known throughout most of Asia. The BTS member Jung Kook is the most well-known Korean entertainer in India and other Asian nations, according to statistics from big data. The Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism along with the Korean International Exchange Agency carried out the study. Millions of admirers have fallen in love with the 24-year-old singer, dancer, and songwriter thanks to his songs. The South Korean entertainment sector has been expanding throughout the world. One of the key factors in the South Korean entertainment sector’s growth is BTS.

Based on social media followers, record-breaking solo releases, and popularity across several social media platforms, a comparison is created. It in no way determines whether of the two is a superior performance. Declaring one of the two to be the most well-liked BTS member is difficult and problematic since it can offend their respective supporters. If we ignore the two members’ Instagram followings, Jung Kook does appear to be somewhat ahead of V.

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