We frequently succumb to the effects of hunger. The only thing we can think about is how to satisfy our hunger; everything else can wait! It seems that even animals have the same needs for food as people do. Videos of animals displaying their love of food are frequently seen on the internet. And for the same reason this time, an image of an elephant has gone viral. In a recent video, a ravenous elephant was seen reaching out to grab a jackfruit off a tree. The video struck a chord with many people and gained popularity online.

The video was posted by IAS officer Supriya Sahu and has received 175k views and 7k likes so far. In the video, we could see the ravenous elephant reaching for the jackfruits that were dangling from the tree’s tallest limb. He struggled for a while before succeeding in obtaining the fruit. In her tweet, she stated that “Jackfruit is to Elephants what Mangoes are to Humans.. and the applause by Humans at the successful attempt of this dedicated elephant to go to Jackfruits is really wonderful.”

Users of Twitter responded to the video. Many of them were moved by the elephant’s drive and commitment. One person commented, “What an effort,” while another, “Wow… incredible how high it could get!!” Elephants’ fondness of jackfruit served as a reminder of people’s own affection for many fruits.

There have been other animal videos that have gained popularity recently. A few days prior, a groundhog gained notoriety for robbing a farmer of his crops. The funny part was that he consumed them in front of the same farmer’s surveillance camera!

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