A small-time magician, belonging to a small-town, ventures to play football and win to marry the love of his life. But will he win hearts and prove his mettle?

Early in Jaadugar, magician Chabbra, the Dronacharya to Eklavya Meenu, tells the latter that love makes one believe in magic and both love and magic, can make anything possible. But he also asserts that only “true love”, can perform invincible magic.

The film begins with the reporter narrating the football history and Meenu’s father’s glorious football escapedes. Soon we see Meenu’s s fleeting ambitions from Kulfiwala, to a bridegroom and finally a magician. His parent’s tragic death has made him averse to football yet because of his uncle, who is the current coach of the team, Meenu is forced to keep up.

Meenu is not the typical Bollywood hero, yet his simplicity and charm draw us towards him. He is flawed, careless, and afraid of losing people in his life. Losing his first love Ichcha shatters him and once he meets Disha, no storm can withhold Meenu to hold on to her. He is faced with a predicament, when he is faced with a situation where in he has to choose between his team/family or love.

The movie strives arduously to win our hearts, the characters are all witty and funny, but it needed a little more of Jaadu. What’s sad is that though there is a lot of promise here- the sweet world of middle-class families, the daily bantering and humor, in many parts the movie seems to lack direction and narrative.
I feel he needed a few more tricks up his sleeves to have the audience spellbound.

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