The actor Billy Eichner didn’t hold back when he commented on the poor box office performance of his latest comedy, Bros, on Sunday.

The Universal movie, which is the first homosexual romantic comedy to be distributed by a major Hollywood studio, opened to a pitiful $4.8 million and did not perform well in the south and most of middle America.

“Everyone should watch BROS tonight, provided they ARE NOT homophobic weirdos! You’re going to love it! And seeing this specific narrative on a huge screen is extraordinary and really impactful, especially for LGBT people who don’t frequently get the chance. This movie is amazing. Go, Brothers,” Eichner tweeted.

Even as the comedy genre suffers on the big screen and increasingly moves into the streaming space, Universal has remained in the industry. Producer Judd Apatow of the Bros. and director-writer Nicholas Stoller, who oversaw the movie, are among the studio’s longstanding collaborators.

Following its global premiere at the 2022 Toronto Film Festival, Bros received praise from reviewers, and the studio received praise for embarking on the production. Rotten Tomatoes, now has a stellar reviewers’ approval rating of 95%. It received an A CinemaScore from viewers who thought it was good.

However, the debut was much worse than anticipated. Tracking had indicated it may bring in $8 million to $10 million over the weekend.

In the same twitter thread, Eichner stated that “Rolling Stone has already included BROS on the list of the top comedies of the 21st century.” It’s also true that a theatre chain once contacted Universal to request that the trailer be removed due to its LGBT content. (Uni persuaded them otherwise.) The United States, fuck yeah, etc.

The top 10 markets for Bros were all located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. It fared well in a number of other big cities, including Chicago. Otherwise, it hasn’t worked out at all.

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