Barkha became confused while dancing with Anupama, and Vanraj described the state of his emotions. The dance by Rupali Ganguly and Ashlesha in the Anupamaa Cast viral videos is really worth seeing. However, Himanshu Pandey, as Vanraj, has performed a song so outrageous that people have slandered him by mistaking him for Rakhi Dave.

A humorous video of Anupama actress Rupali Ganguly and Ashlesha Sawant i.e. Barkha has emerged. They both performed an amazing dance to the tune “O Mere Sona Re” in this. The footage was uploaded on Rupali and Ashlesha’s Instagram. Both of them initially followed the same steps. Following this, Ashlesha botched the procedure. People are really enjoying this video of both of them. Particularly those who have been viewing Barkha as a vampire like her fashion sense.

In terms of serial popularity, Anupama is in the lead. The public also loves its actors very well. The show’s cast frequently posts amusing photos from the scenes on their Instagram. Now a video has been uploaded by Anupama and Barkha. They are both dancing in this video to the tune O Mere Sona Re. Although Rupali and Ashlesha took enormous measures, Barkha’s actions ultimately changed. I botched it up, and he added it in the comment section.

In the video, many have made humorous remarks. Similar to how you two should band together to oppose Pakhi, one user remarked. There will be amusement as well as penalties. Make them both follow your directions while they dance. Another remark is that your villainous appearance today is done in a really excellent way.

Sudhanshu Pandey, aka Vanraj, also released the video at the same time. In it, he is singing a song. He wrote the song, the atmosphere of the song happened today, he sung it, and you may now listen. I just did my exercise, so the redness on my face is not from the filter. The song by Sudhanshu is being praised. If you sing like this, Raghi Dave will also melt, a follower said.

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