Many different types of video material are available on social media platforms, simply waiting for us to click on them. However, if there is anything that keeps us engaged is the adorable baby videos. Videos of infants engaging in their usual mischief are amusing on their own, but when food is included, the fun increases. It’s always endearing to watch them, whether they are cooking or eating something for the first time. Even though there is no shortage of such material, a video of a child laughing as her grandmother chops vegetables recently went viral. Even if it may seem like a simple thing, seeing the video for yourself will undoubtedly make you feel something.

An Instagram user named posted a video of a grandma cradling her grandchild. Her granddaughter immediately starts giggling as she begins chopping a vegetable. I believe grandma is having just as much fun as the baby, according to the caption for the video.

This is so adorable. Since it was posted, this video has received over a thousand comments, 632K likes, and 4.9 million views. There have been a lot of touching remarks. View a few of the remarks below:

“Your baby has a laugh as beautiful as she is. Adorable.”

I would just have to chop everything in the fridge, which is really cute.

“I want to like this more than once; I love hearing the infant and the grandmother giggle. The infant is adorable as well.

“Oh my goodness, look at that sugary treat! That chuckle is absolutely the cutest. Note: The expression of “why did you stop” is crucial.”

“Grandma won’t be involved in anything at all! To hear that laugh, I would even attempt to break up the jello.”
Have you ever encountered something similar with your child? Let us know in the comments below!

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