On social media, a performance by an Indian drummer during a “Jagrata” went viral. Justin Bieber, a Canadian pop musician, was also interested in it. The drummer in the video makes odd drumming noises. The Canadian musician was captivated by the video, which he also posted on his Instagram stories.

Devon Taylor, a drummer, and friend of Justin Bieber was tagged in the article. “@stixxtaylor, I am expecting you to do this next concert,” tweeted Bieber, tagging Taylor. A user by the name of Rangile Haryanvi first shared the video on social media on July 8.

The man can be seen constantly leaping while playing the drums during the “Jagrata” before getting everyone ready for a chorus. The video quickly went viral. Online users praised the video. Over 20.4 million people have seen it and nearly 9 lakh people have liked it so far.

There are a lot of comments on the video’s comment area as well. After seeing the video, several viewers were driven there by Bieber’s Instagram story. “Seeing Justin’s tale, whoever has come, enjoy it,” one of the users said. Want this type of enthusiasm, said another Instagram user.

In June of this year, Bieber shared a video on Instagram alerting his followers that he had been given the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis. It is a disorder that results in partial paralysis of the face. The singer said in the video that he was exercising his face and taking time to “rest and relax and go back to 100 percent so I can do what I was born to do.”

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