Choreographer Farah Khan is gearing up for the Diwali parties and who doesn’t want to attend them in style. Manish Malhotra’s coveted Diwali party is around the corner and Farah reached out to friend Karan.

She said, “So I told Karan Johar I’ve nothing to wear for Diwali and this is what he’s done. He’s sent a stylist, Eka Lakhani to my house and just look at this,” and Farah shows us a whole array of clothing. Farah feels she could have shot a whole movie with the clothes and all of them were beautiful.

Farah posted a video online, showing her fans how her friend rescued the damsel from her wardrobe distress. After losing a lot of weight, Farah felt she needed an outfit and Karan’s generosity is wonderful. Sharing the video, she captioned it, “Dost ho toh aisa (a friend like him)!@karanjohar spoiling me thoroughly..@ekalakhani thank you for all the trouble you are will you make fun of my clothes now Karan?”

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