Based on a book about the life of a female chemist in the 1950’s, who couldn’t complete her PhD due to personal reasons.

Despite being brainy, intelligent and having a masters degree, the place she holds is that of a coffee fetcher in the lab she works. Her degree had no value, her intellect was of no accord as she was low in the hierarchy at her work place. As she was a lab tech, her brilliant ideas had no significance.

When Elizabeth finds herself fired from her lab, she accepts a job as a host on a TV cooking show and sets out to teach a nation of overlooked housewives, a lot more than recipes. The series is based on based on a book by the same name by Bonnie Garmus’s novel. The series has some true events and is partly fiction.

The series is inspired by television chefs such as Julia Child, Alma Litchell, all those that have had their own shows. This is how feminism grew and the strong woman emerged- a sexy wife, a loving mother that every man loves to see when he comes back from work.

New episodes debut every Friday.

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