Amy Wheeler arrives in Florence, where she takes a six-weeks arts course and explores life. Her father back home in Texas isn’t happy about her dropping her Law studies but she wishes to explore life on her terms.

While walking around the romantic streets, she bumps into Lino, a chef. As destiny unfolds, she starts to date Giancarlo, a suave gallery owner. When she goes with her friends to Lino’s restaurant, there are instant sparks between the two.

The couple soon realize that their dreams are in different places and Amy must leave for LA. Lino proves his love for her by following her back and decides to open a restaurant. But life is not a bed of roses and the thorns come up. Their families object and this creates problems. However, the silver lining is their true love for one another. Through sickness, health, richer or poorer, they cherish each other. Love conquers all the family rifts and distance.

To give u a background, this show is based on the real-life experiences of Tembi Locke and her story with her first husband. This show takes us through the highs and lows of love, there’s laughter and crying all in one. The complex emotional scenarios add to the appeal of this show. The beauty of the streets of Florence and Sicily has been beautifully captured. The way the food is presented, gave me hunger pangs and wanting to eat it all.

Overall, a good show to binge watch and appreciate love, passion and romance with great acting skills.

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