Gujrati film ‘Gandhi & Co.’ directed by Manish Saini was honored with the second-best Indian feature film amongst the 200 films across 55 countries at the 13th edition of the Bengaluru International Film Festival. It is through the mischievous protagonists of Mitoo and Mitra, that the ideologies of our beloved Father of the Nation are conveyed. The movie is a must watch and teaches non-violence, truth, honesty, forgiveness and perseverance in a non-bookish manner.

The movie continues to gain fame across the globe. After winning the coveted ‘Golden Slipper’ award at the 62nd edition of the prestigious Zlin Festival in the Czech Republic, the movie is now screened at Melbourne and Toronto. The movie is screened at the International film Festival of Melbourne and the International Film Festival of South Asia Toronto.

Says Mahesh Danannavar, “For a regional children’s film to be screened at so many prestigious international film festivals is a huge honour. I feel the film’ s universal appeal is rooted in its simplicity and wholesomeness. Also, the overarching theme of Gandhian idealism is a huge draw and continues to win over hearts and minds wherever the film is screened.”

He further adds, “Kids and adults have loved the film equally and have been entertained and moved by it. On the surface, it is a story of two 11 year olds who don’ t really know much about what Gandhi represents. Later, through an influential adult, they begin to find out more about Gandhi, and the film transitions into a depth that the children and the audiences had not anticipated. It is truly an honor to tell this story and to see it going places.”

The movie stars Darshan Jariwala, Jayesh More, Druma Mehta, Shah Reyaan and Dhyani Jani.

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