Even before its release, Marvel’ s latest show has been pretty much under the radar. Some aren’ t happy about the CGI and some that it’s a female in the lead. The good part is that She-Hulk makes fun of these sexist stereotypes in an irreverent manner in one of the best shows of Marvel this year.

In this show, Jennifer Walters, whose secret identity is known to the world, lives as a celebrity, realising her powers are a gift and a curse. In this show, how she deals with her new role makes her stand apart.

Marvel Cinematic Universe, introduces the concept of breaking the fourth wall, similar to what is shown in Deadpool films and Fleabag. She is the fourth wall breaker and the way Jennifer handles it, it’s a lot of fun. The show is quite relatable and the time travel and the parallel universes are shown quite realistically.

Jennifer is shown training with her cousin Bruce Banner to become a hulk and control the superpowers she has. She proves to be a fast learner and a lot of triffle fun  cousin arguments add some fun-element to the show.

This series is created by Jessica Gao, who is also the head writer of the show. Other actors featuring in the show are Jameel Jamila as Titania, Josh Segarra and Ginger Gonzaga. The show is available on Disney +Hotstar and it releases one episode every week.

Fans have taken to social media and have ‘LOVED’#SHE-HULK. They are calling it ‘A stroke of genius.’

In conclusion, the serial is a witty win from the get-go and if it continues like this, we can expect the Marvel fans to go crazy. P.S. Watch the mid-credits sequence every episode because believe me, you don’ t want to miss it!

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