On social media, a video of a mother gorilla proudly displaying her infant to guests at a zoo in Canada has gone viral. The sequence in The Lion King from 1994 that has Rafiki the mandrill introducing Simba to the pride is one that comes to mind. ViralHog uploaded the clip to its Instagram account on Thursday. It was shot in the Calgary Zoo in Canada. The video has received over 14,000 likes and more than 1 lakh views in less than 24 hours. The female gorilla’s gesture stunned the visitors in a good way.

“A pleased mom shows off her kid at the Calgary Zoo,” reads the caption accompanying the video.

The brief video depicts the mother gorilla loving and holding the newborn. The infant is also seen being hugged by the primate.

Looking at the mother gorilla and her infant on Instagram, several individuals expressed happiness and said that the behavior was “exactly like humans.” Others, however, disagreed with the notion of crate-keeping the animals.

One user said, “Wish they were free.” Another said, “They don’t belong there.

On social media last month, a video of a gorilla riding a bicycle caught people’s attention. IFS Officer Dr. Samrat Gowda posted the video on Twitter.

The huge gorilla rode up on a bicycle in the footage. The animal quickly lost control and tumbled from the bike. The monkey then flung the bicycle away in a fit of rage, setting off a laugh riot among Twitteratis.

More than 65,000 Twitter users watched the video.

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