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Masaba season 2 review: Masaba is the heroine Neena Ji of today


Masaba Gupta and her show have grown up and shown more promise in the second season. Though Neena Gupta’s role is not too much, the show has fun, warmth, and beautiful performance and is credible all thanks to our young, talented Masaba.

Masaba starred in Dhruv Sehgal’s great Modern Love India episode, I Love Thane, where she plays the role of a girl searching for love online, and guess where she finds it?? Thane. And in both the shows, Masaba is now showing more finesse and polish.

In this season, Masaba Gupta is a lot more in-charge of her performing skills as well as the character’s destiny. The season opens with Masaba delivering a baby in a dream sequence, where the doctor is Kartik Aaryan. While we wait for Freud to analyze this dream, other issues of younger designers competing with her, crop up and leave her in a daze.

Masaba’s life is marked by all the issues modern, independent women face nowadays. She is perpetually angry with her mom, and confused about love and in this show, Sonam Nair, has made a great attempt at mirroring the inner pangs of women. In the truest sense, it’s a simple story of a woman maneuvering her life through the storms that unfold. This series touches on themes like mental health, commitment phobia, self-love, body confidence, and many more real-life issues.

Despite stylish appearances by actors Rytasha Rathore, Barkha Singh, Maria Goretti, Armaan Khera, Ram Kapoor, and a charming Neil Bhoopalam, the show belongs to Masaba and Neena Gupta. You don’t want to miss out on the breezy swan song of the late music icon Bappi Lahiri.

Watch the show on Netflix for the drama, conflict, glamour, and more.


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