Hrithik Roshan celebrated his birthday on 10th January. The actor turned 49 and fans from all over are wishing him. However, the most special wish came from his father and veteran Rakesh Roshan. On the occasion, Rakesh Roshan shared a loving photo of the two wearing a black leather jacket and T-shirts. He captioned it, “Duggu Happy Birthday my coolest Sun. Keep spreading your warmth and shine always. Blessings and Love,” and added heart and Sun emojis.

This year he intends to celebrate his birthday by doing things he actually likes to do. The actor said he used to think of it as a fun day but now, “Somewhere along the way it started becoming a chore and a duty. One must celebrate, must party…birthdays began to come with a slight sense of discomfort. But today, I see it as an opportunity to spend time doing things that would fulfil me. I may still do the exact same things, but now it’s out of my desire and sense of fulfilment rather than a self-imposed mandate” he explained.

The best answer Hrithik gave when asked what his biggest learning in these 49 years has been, “That peace is not high up there at the top of the pyramid that we hope to reach someday after all the work is done or at the end of the day’s work. It is, in fact the base and foundation of everything and every action at the moment. We need to start at peace. The state of being at the very beginning should be peace.”

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