Aren’t safari rides enjoyable? Children in particular will enjoy genuinely seeing the creatures come to life. Would you be worried, though, if your little child tried to embrace an animal while on the ride? A little girl is seen cuddling an ostrich in a social media video that has gone viral. The child was feeding the ostrich from her vehicle. Now This News shared the video on Twitter. 30,000+ people have viewed it.

The fact that tiny Emma approached the bird without being afraid is just fantastic. However, the internet noted that this could have been risky.

In the video, Emma is seen visiting Tennessee Safari Park in Alamo feeding the birds for the first time. She is seen from inside the automobile, feeding the birds while carrying a bucket of food. Then all of a sudden, she grips an ostrich by the neck. The baby bird attempts to free itself, and it seems like it has disappointed it a little.

The parents were referred to as “irresponsible” on the internet since the child may have been wounded as a result. “That is really reckless. They’re laughing, too,” one person remarked.
Another user commented, “I hope they educate her to respect animals and their limits in the future. I know it was probably humorous and surprising at the time.”

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