The most popular youth entertainment channel in Nigeria has a good sense of what Gen-Zers want in terms of entertainment. The K-drama craze is spreading across the nation, and fans are on the hunt for the next great rom-com. Zing has unveiled a new programme called Meow The Secret Boy, shocking viewers once more (MTSB)

The play promises fantastic humor, a cuteness factor, and really original twists while showcasing a passionate love tale and taking the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster. Beginning on September 19th, MTSB will run daily from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Zing’s Hallyu channel.

A well-known Korean webtoon has been live-adapted as Meow The Secret Boy. This captivating story centers on Hong Jo’s love for Sol Ah, a graphic artist who isn’t particularly fond of cats. But Hong Jo is more than just a regular person, so time will tell how successfully he manages to keep his secret hidden!

The story emphasizes the sincerity of a meaningful link while also highlighting the suffering of unconditional love, all of which leads to the main question: “Will Hong Jo confess his true identity to Sol Ah and win Sol Ah’s love back?”

Speaking about the debut of this new program, Arghya Roy Chowdhury, Chief Channel Officer at Zing, said, “By providing a healthy entertainment experience for GEN- Z’s, Zing is carving out an identity for itself in the ecosystem that cohesively appeals to them. We once braved ourselves and started showing our fans K-Dramas with Hindi dubs. The astounding popularity of these programmes has inspired us to continue producing more and more of them. The newest installment is ‘Meow The Secret Boy,’ which will debut on September 19, 2022, during our Hallyu time slot. We will be adding more of these books to our lineup of material in the upcoming months.

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