The reason a BTS store in Canada briefly closed down was discussed in a post written by a netizen on September 14 on an online discussion forum. A screenshot of an article with the headline “BTS pop-up in Toronto momentarily closes down because fans bought absolutely everything” was supplied by the netizen.

According to the article’s headline, a BTS pop-up shop in Toronto, Canada had to close temporarily since all of its merchandise was rapidly sold out. Netizens were once again astounded by BTS’s reach on the world after hearing that they had sold out an entire store abroad.

Online commenters said:

“Amazing. LOLL.”

Do customers have to wait till fresh things are supplied, then?

“This is just incredible. What the heck is going on with BTS? I hope they soon go on another world tour.”

“I wish they were going on another global tour right now.”

“Believe it or not, as soon as the doors opened, the fans purchased everything, and the door quickly closed once again. Loll.”

“HYBE is doing very well financially.”

“Wow. Amazing.”

“Are you kidding me? Wow.”

“But what do they even sell? Fans are incredible.”

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