For his most recent picture shoot, BTS’s Jimin went with order and chaos. In keeping with what Jungkook and RM did for the Photo-Folio, Jimin displayed to the Army what he considered to be chaos. The performer is dressed in black and white in the latest picture session, suggesting that he is caught between light and darkness. In keeping with what Jimin has stated, he intends to depict his more audacious and menacing aspects in the most recent series. ARMY is aware of Jimin’s duality, yet they were thrilled with his most recent picture session.

Naturally, ARMY is in awe of him and said that he is “made” for mayhem. One admirer said, “Park Jimin is the genre.” Another supporter chimed in, “He is out of this planet. Others said his Photo-Folio would sell out in a matter of seconds. In order to purchase Jimin’s photo folio, one admirer said, “You guys better have the fastest fingers in the world since I don’t believe it’s staying in stock for more than half a second.” A supporter said, “Nobody can pull off what Park Jimin is capable of achieving. His beauty, aura, and drive for coming up with something spectacular and inventive are unmatched. The Things BOY does it in this manner.

Jimin had stated on Weverse in June 2022 that he wanted to display a more “raw” side of himself. “I just believe I can present a somewhat more authentic side of myself. That may also involve a more mature aspect, but what I’m most interested in doing is expressing a more authentic, raw part of myself through music or music videos. I hope I can demonstrate something I’ve never done before by doing this,” he had remarked. “My opinions are already well reflected on BTS’ albums,” the artist said, “although, you know, some of the older members have already dealt with some heavier stuff on their individual mixtapes. I believe I’m doing a similar endeavor.

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