After her excellent run in A Business Proposal, Kim Sejeong landed a new major role. Her most recent drama, Today’s Webtoon, is an adaptation of the Japanese drama Sleeper Hit! in Korean. It depicts the tale of a former judo competitor who chooses to work in the webcomic editorial division. However, the protagonist will not have an easy time becoming a genuine webcomic editor.

The actress portrays On Ma Eum, the protagonist of the series. On Ma Eum is a judo athlete who aspires to compete in the Olympics until an accident forces her to work at a webtoon editorial department instead.

The former idol who is now an actress has a short hairstyle and full bangs. Then, as titles and sketches begin to emerge on the screen, the character is introduced to the wondrous world of webcomics.

The thrilling stories she is working on as she aspires to become a webtoon editor are displayed on her computer screen, which also lights up.

She keeps staring at the screen of her computer till she suddenly loses herself in the webcomic she is reading and is surrounded by sparkles.

Kim Sejeong is joined by a number of other actors and actresses in Today’s Webtoon, including Nam Yoon Su, Choi Daniel, Jang Sung Yoon, Kim Gab Soo, Son Dong Woon, Ko Chang Seok, Nam Bo Ra, Yoon Seo Ah, Park Ho San, Ha Do Gwon, Hwang Young Hee, Baek Suk Kwang, and Ha Yul Ri.

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