Kim Yoon Ji (NS Yoon-G) recently took to Instagram and announced her wedding with an adorable and heart-melting letter.

The post contained her words in the form of 2 letters: one in Korean and one in English along with a cute photo of her fiance and her, holding hands by a beachside. On June 28, she officially let her fans know that she will be getting married soon.

Her Korean letter when translated, read:

“Hello. This is Kim Yoon Ji.

Today, there’s news I want to convey first to everyone who has always loved and supported me, so I’m writing a letter. In this moment as I start writing, I feel very nervous. I’ve found someone I want to spend my entire life with. He’s a sincere and very considerate person who has given endless love and steadfast trust to me, who is lacking. I plan to spend the future with him as his wife. I’m getting married in September! You’ll congratulate me, right? As Kim Yoon Ji and as one person’s wife, I’ll live diligently with an even greater sense of responsibility in the future. Thank you for always supporting and loving me.”

Fans instantly started showering her with love and well wishes!

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