Walking the runway has never been as simple as it appears on the big screen. Every catwalk we see on TV is the result of a lot of rehearsal and coordination. However, some people achieve amazing things, defying every obstacle in their path, such as this underwater dancer who synchronizes her swimming talents with her excellent fashion walk underwater. The woman does a full-fledged underwater catwalk like a pro in the viral Instagram video.

Kristina Makushenko, an Instagram user from the United States, shared the video with the comment, “The Devil Wears Prada You may also ROTATE your phone to get a better perspective.” It shows her conducting a coordinated and elegant catwalk upside down beneath the surface of the water.

Makushenko tiptoes underwater in heels, then spins 180 degrees to pick up the Prada bag laying on the pool’s surface. Near the conclusion, the professional swimmer goes out of the frame, clutching a Prada bag like a professional model.

The video was released in July by an Instagram account with over 6 lakh followers. According to her bio, she is a four-time world champion in synchronized swimming. The video has received over one million likes and countless comments from Instagram users praising her outstanding performance.

“The upside-down stroll was soo fantastic!!” said one Instagram user. “Love your underwater gear,” another person said. “You are fantastic! You kept me guessing as to how you performed what you did in the water! “Added a third. A fourth customer stated, “When you move your arms and legs, there is no movement in the water. That is very remarkable.”


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