Social media is flooded with adorable images and videos that pet parents share of their animals, and these films are a joy to watch. Similar to this web video that gives other pet parents fuel for thought In the widely shared Instagram video, a woman is seen instructing her pet parrots as they alternately use a skate ramp.

The video was uploaded by the @littlewolfiebird Instagram account, which is devoted to the two little parrots named Wolfie and Sharky. An opening text insert in the video provides background information for the segment. “Brother takes turns on their skate ramp,” it says. The user captioned the video after posting it: “With just a little bit of encouragement, our pets are capable of so much. As a reward, we blend organic seeds (quinoa, canary, chia, millet, and oats) with plenty of smiles, kudos, and love.”

In the intriguing video, two parrots named Wolfie and Sharky alternately ride little skateboards. The Instagram user, who has more than a lakh followers, routinely shares images and videos of her talented parrots.

Three days after it was released, this video already had more than one lakh views and several comments from viewers praising the birds’ outstanding performance.

You are a wonderful trainer and really joy to see, said one Instagram user. “intrepid birds My bird was too afraid of the skateboard when I bought it for him. I thus use it now to file my nails, “wrote one more. Another user stated, “The ability is strong. The other rides a natural foot (right foot forward), whereas the first rides a funny foot.”

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