Ranbir Kapoor attended the Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah on Wednesday and fans cheered for him as he walked in for the final ‘In Conversation’ sessions at the festival.

Ranbir said, “I’ve always wanted to direct and make a movie. But I’ve really not mastered the courage to write a story,” he said. Continuing, “I’ve always waited for a story to come to me naturally. But the f**k up is that I’m not a writer, and I’m really shy when it comes to sharing my ideas with other people. But I’m working on it, and it’s something that is in my ten-year plan: to start directing movies and hopefully act in them too,” he added.

Ranbir also talked about the sad situation at the Hindi box office and said things were “pretty bad these last few years.” He said, “The entire culture of going to a theatre for a community viewing of a movie seems like it’s dying and it’s only there for the big-ticket films, but I hope with strong storytelling and renewed vigor, Indian cinema comes back.”

Speaking of Hollywood, Ranbir has no plans of moving to the West yet. He said, “I’d never say never, but I’ m pretty content with the kind of opportunities that are coming my way in my country in my language. I do have certain block in my head about acting in English. I’ d rather act in my language because it comes to me naturally to me. But never say never.”

In the pipeline, Ranbir’s upcoming film includes Luv Ranjan’ s romantic comedy and he feels it’ll be his last romantic comedy, as he is getting older and running out of ideas on how to………!!!!

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