There are all kinds of movies-good, bad and ugly. Some make you happy, some sad and some frustrate the viewers. And then there are movies like Cirkus that leave you wondering if you have lost your brains, or the movie makers have lost theirs. Cirkus, starring Ranveer Singh left me baffled, defeated and angry.

One of the reviews I read stated, “Ranveer Singh hai electric man, ab aap bhi nahi rahoge uske fan, Rohit Shetty ka karo brain scan, Itna torture karne ka kaise banaya plan, Christmas holidays mein paise lotne ka scam, Yeh comedy nahin patience ka hai exam, Zero fun for Chunnu, Munnu or gran, iss circus se bhaago while you can!”

Cirkus is a disaster!! It’s a mind-numbing film which should not have advanced beyond script writing. The only thing that is truly comical about Cirkus is its unmitigated ineptitude.

The lead actor tries very hard and the effort shows. Even a performer like Sanjay Mishra is saddled with a nerve wrecking role. As for Pooja Hedge and Jaqueline Fernandez, the less said the better.

Ranveer Singh is known for his vibrance and energy, but his dual roles are insipid and the sheer waste of his talent. Cirkus borrows its central ideas from William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, which has seen two iterations in Hindi-Do Dooni Chaar and Angoor. The former written by Gulzaar, the latter also directed by him to make amends for the failure of the first film.

This movie is hare-brained. It is a great fall for both Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty. Save your money and mind.

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