Sci-Fi movies and series were once upon a time a thing that Hollywood had its forte in. However, in today’s time and age this genre has picked up immensely in India, proving that our creativity has really gone up.

Here are a few science fiction and shows that might interest you and have a refreshing approach in this genre.

1.DOBARA – Anurag Kahyap’s mystery drama is a remake of the 2018 Spanish movie ‘Mirage’, where a woman has a chance to save the life of a 12 year old who witnessed death during a thunderstorm 25 years ago, by linking it through a TV ser during a similar storm in the present.

2.OK COMPUTER – This comic movie, portrays 2031, a time where technology has taken over the entire planet. The story centers around a murder case where a car is self-driven, and a human pedestrian is killed.

3.JL50 – When the CBI team learns that an aircraft took off 35 years ago from Kolkata and vanished without a trace, their investigation on a recently wrecked flight takes a turn. The CBI officer investigating this, has his own inner mysteries. You can watch this on SonyLiv.

4.LOOP LAPETA – A Bollywood new age thriller comedy, where Tahir loses his boss’ money gambling and Savi, sets out to save his life. She gets into a loop to correct her mistakes and prevent his death. You can watch this on Netflix.

5.WHO – Ajay Devaloka’s Who marks the debut of his directing career as he makes a science fiction. A young girl, a dream interpreter, a criminal psychologist and a team of two police officers try to decipher the strange events that happen every year on Christmas Day in the valley of Merceda.

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