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The Spotify account of BTS Jimin has 150 million streams


Jimin from the boy band BTS has made news with his most recent accomplishment.

BTS members achieved yet another milestone, demonstrating once more their unstoppable strength and limitless potential. The boy band BTS member Jimin has made headlines for his most recent accomplishment. 150 million listens of the well-known artist’s solo single “With You” have been recorded on Spotify since its debut this year. He has achieved this feat in just 142 days using a verified account on the music streaming service. With just one song, Jimin made history as the fastest-achieving Korean man.

Congratulations Jimin, Spotify King Jimin, and Global IT Boy Jimin are now trending on Twitter as a result of this news. There is just one song, the OST song “With You,” on BTS Jimin’s official Spotify account. The fans known as ARMY are, of course, applauding him with messages of love throughout the internet as he adds this latest accomplishment to his list.

Filter became the quickest Korean B-side, Korean male solo single, and unpromoted Korean solo song to reach 320 million streams. In addition, it is the second-most played solo BTS song on Spotify and the most streamed solo song from Map of the Soul: 7.


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