Vaarun Bhagat has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. All thanks to his exceptional performances, charm, and, well, good looks! The actor has been gaining popularity each day. Following the release of his show, Aar Ya Paar, Vaarun shares a special message for the audience.

Earlier, Vaarun Bhagat announced his next series, “Aar Ya Paar,” and now the actor took to Instagram to share the trailer. The trailer portrays the lead character, who probably belongs to a tribal community, as the savior of his people who fights for indigenous cultures threatened by external forces. Complete with intense action sequences, the trailer features an amazing cast and dialogue that sums up the movie’s crux. The dialogue states that neither man nor animal stops at anything when it comes to protecting their people. It ends by stating that the lead hero is a bit of both. The series is all set to release on Hotstar on December 30th.

While talking about the show, his role, and the stellar cast, this dashing hunk says, “It is such a unique story, and it is so well written that i just knew that i had to do it, and I am sure it will give the audiences something new to watch. I had the opportunity to do something different this time. I trusted Sidharth Sir, who is a brilliant writer and showrunner. I just wanted to be a part of his world, and now I can’t wait for the audience to just immerse themselves in this world”

Vaarun also added, ” I had a wonderful time shooting this series, It has an extremely talented cast.” It was a joy working alongside wonderful actors like Shilpa Shukla, Ashish Vidyarthi, it was just a great experience”

Check out the trailer now,

Without a doubt, we can’t wait to grab some popcorn and watch Vaarun in a completely different avatar.

On the work front, Vaarun Bhagat will be soon seen in Sidharth Sengupta’s next Hotstar series, ‘Aar ya Paar.” Vaarun Bhagat was also seen in Udan Patolas which was released on Amazon Mini Tv. There are a few more things in the pipeline for the actor, which will be announced

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