BTS recently made news when they said they will pursue a solo career. The K-Pop singing group has seen numerous ups and downs over the last few years. However, they are renowned for the devotion and support of their fans for the calibre of their music. Fans also like referring to themselves as the BTS army. The band’s recent success includes scoring five number one singles in less than a year. Since the Michael Jackson 5 in 1970, they are the first group to accomplish this milestone.

What does the BTS stand for must be on the minds of the new admirers who are joining them every second? Although the band’s name has a few different interpretations, none of them refer to “behind the scenes.” Fans sometimes mistake this moniker for the abbreviation for BTS.

First off, BTS is known as “Bangtan Sonyeondan” in Korean, which translates as “a bunch of Bulletproof guys.” One of the BTS members claimed in an interview with Affinity in 2016 that they picked the name “Bangtan Sonyeondan” because it allows them to ignore the expectations, criticisms, and preconceptions that are pointed like bullets at young people. The band first used the idea of the bulletproof vest in their emblem in the early stages of their career.

In keeping with its idea and ethos, the band has given its supporters the moniker “Army” as a result. BTS altered their logo to represent their development as a music band in 2017 after experiencing tremendous success thanks to their Wing Tour across several nations and continents, including Asia, South and North America. The army would operate “behind the scenes” of the septet’s identification, the group said. The group promised to work to “defend the teenagers and their ideals.”

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