Allu Arjun may be making the same move to Hollywood as Dhanush did.

The actor, who has been enjoying popularity since the box office triumph of his movie “Pushpa: The Rise,” is said to have met in private with studio executives to explore his potential entry into Hollywood. According to reports, the actor had meetings with influential people while watching the recent India Day Parade in New York City.

Allu became well-known all over the world as a result of the success of his most recent albums. According to a post, the actor’s work on “Pushpa” left many people “awestruck” and he also had a “hush-hush meeting for a Superhero series.”

Allu Arjun would be the most recent Indian celebrity to appear in a Hollywood movie if the rumors are accurate. He could also be one of the few actors from India to appear in a superhero franchise.

Farhan Akhtar just made his MCU debut in the online sitcom “Ms. Marvel.” Shah Rukh Khan was also formally introduced into the film industry by the series by naming him.

Along with playing superheroes, actor Dhanush also made his Hollywood debut in the movie “The Gray Man,” which starred Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. Alongside Gal Gadot, Alia Bhatt will make her big screen debut in the movie “Heart of Stone.”

Regarding Allu’s visit to the US, the Telugu actor served as the Grand Marshal of the famous India Day Parade. The actor expressed his gratitude to New York City Mayor Eric Adams for bestowing this honor upon him in a social media post.

He also uploaded a number of images, one of which showed the mayor performing the “Pushpa” technique flawlessly

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