With its endearing plot and the joy and pleasure it instils in its viewers, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is gaining a lot of affection and attention. In fact, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is attracting attention from all around the world as it consistently tops the charts and ranks first in several nations.

One online user expressed satisfaction that SBS had declined to produce the drama, noting how popular it was growing every day. This is so because the South Korean cable network ENA, which produces “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” is.

The commenter went on to say that SBS had really taken up the drama and had even publicized a casting call for the young actor who would be playing the youngster in “Woo Young Woo.”

However, for whatever reason, SBS opted against producing the drama, and ENA chose to take over.


Many online users expressed their relief that SBS did not choose to produce the drama after learning that they were originally supposed to be the organization in charge of it. This is due to the fact that these online users thought SBS would have crammed the drama with product placement ads.

Internet users said, “If SBS produced it, then the attorneys will always be eating supper at a chicken restaurant and having lunch at Subway.” They would conduct a product placement advertisement for any other brand of kimbap instead of having “Woo Young Woo kimbap,” “SBS should just stop producing dramas,” If SBS produced the drama, Woo Young Woo’s father’s restaurant wouldn’t be called “Woo Young Woo Kimbap” but rather would be a franchise restaurant, haha. If SBS produced the drama, a Subway sandwich shop would be located next to the lawyer’s office, lol. and “Thank God SBS didn’t broadcast the drama, because if they had, all the lawyers in the office would claim to be exhausted and would take some Ginseng product.”

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