Sometimes, life seems over-whelming, we feel we have too much on our plate, trying to please too many people and in the midst of all this, loose ourselves.

What if I suggested, there’s a better way. You have a choice, you can choose your battles and not care too much. Here are simple ways to master your mind.

  1. KNOW YOUR FEELINGS- Every worry, every stress you feel, try to recognize it. Accept it that it is real and valid, no matter how big or small. Acceptance is the biggest form of well-being.
  2. PRIORITIES- Ask yourself in every situation how big is it, how important it is, how vested are you in it. Slowly are surely, we will learn to choose our battles and learn to let go of what is not important.
  3. ITS OKAY TO NOT BE PERFECT- everything cannot be perfect, stop caring and giving every detail so much thought and energy.
  4. DON’T PAY HEED TO EVERYONE’S OPINIONS- Don’t live your life carrying the weight of other people’s expectations. Focus on yourself.
  5. SELF-COMPASSION- Be good to yourself. Forgive yourself for all your weaknesses and faults, you are human.
  6. SET BOUNDARIES- There was a time in my life I said ‘yes’ to everyone. I soon realized I was always tired, exhausted and unhappy. I was neglecting myself. Then I learnt to say ‘NO’. it made a difference in my life.
  7. SELF-CARE- you are your biggest friend and ally. Love yourself wholly, others will follow suit.
  8. MEANINGFUL BONDS- Nurture the relationships that matter. Those that care about you, elevate you no matter what, are worth your time and heart.

As Sam Bahadur always said, “IT’S ALL OK.’ Make this your mantra.

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