Ji Sung, a well-known Korean actor, said on Tuesday that playing identical brothers in the forthcoming drama “Adamas” was “totally different” from playing a character with dissociative identity disorder in “Kill Me, Heal Me.” Ji plays both the prosecutor Ha Woo-sin and the best-selling mystery author Song Su-hyun in “Adamas,” two characters who are searching for the truth behind their father’s false imprisonment for a crime he didn’t commit.

The actor played a third-generation company heir who gets dissociative identity disorder as a result of multiple life-threatening traumatic incidents in the 2015 smash K-drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

“Those seven roles were several personalities in one individual, therefore this was an entirely different position. So each of those personalities seemed unique to me.

“However, this one included portraying identical brothers, so I wanted to approach it in the same manner. I have to be aware of the little distinctions between these two as they are almost identical and nearly the same persons. That was a difficult task. I adored both of the characters so much “Ji said at a virtual world news conference that was conducted in Seoul.

When twin brothers Ha Woo-sin and Song Su-hyeon learn that their biological father was wrongfully imprisoned and set up for the murder of their stepfather after 22 years, old wounds are torn up.

Seo Ji-hye, Heo Sung-tae, and Lee Soo-kyung of “Law School” fame are among the other stars of Adamas, which will begin streaming on OTT in India on Wednesday.

Seo portrays Eun Hye Soo, the CEO of Haesong Group’s daughter-in-law who is out to destroy the business.

The performer appreciated Choi Tae-writing gang’s and claimed that she faithfully captured the director’s intent.

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