When you’re a student, you frequently dread the day you have to take a history class. Why don’t I learn about more significant historical events? Or perhaps you’re curious as to why schools don’t emphasize technology more than during the Great Depression. Education is essential in many areas, and the Great Depression is no different. The nation was shaken by the 20th-century economic calamity.

There are several reasons to learn more about the subject. For instance, it has led to significant changes in the legal system and governance. It also serves as a warning tale because it was one of the worst periods the country has ever seen. But for pupils, reading for knowledge retention is getting more and harder.

To Kill A Mockingbird

One of the most well-known films, To Kill a Mockingbird, is required for viewing in practically all high schools. Many people like seeing the tragic narrative, but few of them can relate to it. In any case, the fact that it is set during the Great Depression illustrates how less-than-ideal living conditions existed at the time. Many free essays about the Great Depression might serve as inspiration for your writing, which you should use to improve your marks. Additionally, reading about other people’s experiences at the darkest time in the country might give you inspiration for life.

Now, this specific work was written following the Great Depression. But Harper Lee, the author, immediately followed up with it. As a result, you’ll see that it depicts US history in a unique yet tragic way. The Jim Crow era still persisted at the time this book was written. During this time, it was no longer acceptable to subject black people to slavery. They still lacked the freedom of political, financial, social, or economic independence, though. This film highlights the profound impact that a few years may have on the global economic and social climate.

Cinderella Man

Many people are unaware that there is some truth to most tales about the Great Depression. A good illustration of this is Cinderella Man, in which Jim Braddock describes his experience at that time. That man, his wife, and their children led happy lives. Although he was a boxer, everyone was wealthy. However, we skip ahead to five years later to show how the family members were affected by the Great Depression.

The man tries to make amends, provide for his family, and survive all of this hardship. You can observe the battle that existed in the world thanks to this particular film. The man was prepared to risk his life to save and support his family. This explains how someone’s priorities might alter as a result of such a painful fight.

The Grapes Of Wrath

John Steinbeck’s writing process was documented in a notebook, which also showed the author’s emotional ups and downs. The narrative centers on a guy who has just been released from jail, but it also emphasizes the difficult trip he and his family endure. It takes away the terrible harshness that was present throughout that time. Additionally, it increased understanding and compassion for migrant farmworkers. People were able to have some understanding of how horrible life is as a result. Students will be able to empathize with the situation and understand that difficult circumstances can result in disastrous effects like drunkenness, poverty, and despair.


Horse racing wagering was prohibited at that point in American history. People were forced to improvise as a result, and many fled to Mexico to take part in such festivities. An underdog rider and his racehorse travel on an appealing adventure in Seabiscuit. Newspapers, periodicals, and news organizations began to report on the horse’s story, Seabiscuit. It demonstrates how individuals will hold onto hope in the face of adversity. In addition, the horse came to represent the people as an inspiration or emblem, giving them something to hold onto.

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